LA BODIES® Organic Body Scrub with Aloe Vera and Bamboo Extract (8 oz)

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LA Bodies® Organic Body Scrub is an organic exfoliating scrub that combines fine ground bamboo with aloe vera extract. It effectively removes excess surface cells, lifts away dull, dry skin for improved texture and health clarity. It helps to detox your body of free radicals, toxins and impurities while increasing circulation to your skin. Scrubs also improve lymphatic function keeping you healthier. The benefits of massage are also tremendous and have been proven to help decrease depression, improve muscle tone and function, basically your overall health.

How to use: Massage a handful of scrub onto wet skin. Rinse.
Gentle enough to be used on face and lips, but keep out of eye area.
Can also be added to the bath for detoxifying and sweet smelling soak or dry and become elastic. Gently take off the mark, starting from the sides.

Warning: For external use only.  Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. If you have a medical skin condition, or irritation occurs, stop use and consult your healthcare provider.

8 oz (236 mL)
Manufactured by Samson Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Product Made in the United States of America.